Group Instruction

Gather your friends, family or co-workers and learn together in a fun and relaxed setting.

Each lesson is tailored to your groups’ skill level and area of focus.

Contact for groups larger than six.

Half & Full day clinics are also available. 9 Holes can be added to any package.

Two Adults (1 Hr)$110 ($55pp)
Three Adults (1Hr)$120 ($40pp)
Four Adults (1Hr)$130 ($32.50 pp)
Five Adults (1Hr)$140 ($28pp)
Six Adults (1Hr)$150 ($25pp)

Two Juniors (1Hr)$90
Three Juniors (1Hr)$100 ($33pp)
Four Juniors (1Hr)$110 ($27.50pp)
Five Juniors (1Hr)$120 ($24pp)
Six Juniors (1Hr)$130 ($21pp)


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